"Well, thanks for the lift. Just a minute - there's something I'd like to discuss with you. But it's getting late, I ... I suppose by now you can tell I'm a pretty forth-right person ... Yes, you certainly are. and if I have anything to say I come right out and say it. Yes you do. Then I don't mind telling you, Hale, that you've made a pretty good first impression. Well, thanks. A very, very good first impression. Thank you. I have an instinct for these things, and I kind of feel there's a little something cooking between us. Thank you. Really?! And if there's something cooking between two people, even if they've just met, if they are at all intelligent there shouldn't be any embarrasment or shyness. I think they should find out, don't you. I've never really thought about ... I mean you take the average fellow who goes out with a girl. What happens - he's got to get his suit pressed, shoes shined, hair cut, got to buy flowers, dinner, movie, night club, not to mention tips to the waiters, et cetera, et cetera. Then he takes her home, she shakes hands, says good-night. Next night its the same thing - suit, shoes, flowers, hair, et cetera, et cetera. Only this time when he takes her home, after he shakes hands and puts his arm around her, maybe he gives her a little hug. Uhm hmm. Finally after five or six dates he gets up enough nerve to ask her for a little kiss. OK, they kiss and they like it fine - they go on seeing each other. But what if they don't? Look at all the money he's wasted. All those suits, shoes, flowers, haircuts, gifts - what's he got to show for it? I tell you Hale, before you waste all that time and money, I think its much smarter to find out if there's anything now or not, don't you? [kiss one, two] Oh, there's a little something there, all right. Good night, Miss McGuire. Good night. Good night, Hale. {Hale stumbles out, in, out and stands dazed at the curb while Miss McGuire drives away.]"

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