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  Manuel J. "Pete" Fernandez, Jr. (Major, USAF, dec.): as contributed by jose castillo, Detroit, 1/13/2004  
  I am researching the life of my uncle, Pete Fernandez. He was a Korean War hero and served as the technical advisor on "The McConnell Story." There he met June, and through her, Dick Powell. Pete became friends with Dick and June, and I have polaroids from the mid-1950s of my uncle visitng their ranch when he was stationed near Los Angeles. Of course I would like to hear what personal memories June has of my uncle, but it appears difficult to contact her, ...  
  here's the two polaroids that our family has of june, from 1955 or 1956. my aunt is the photographer, and my uncle is at left in the first shot. (june is always holding or feeding pete's daughter, my cousin holly.  she obviously loves children!) the tall fellow at right in the first picture is screenwriter dick murphy.    
  Makoto Hatakeyama sent the following colorized edition of June's Grauman  
  portrait, now the third version available from this site.  His note briefly    
  stated: Thank you for your reminding me of her birthday (7 Oct 2004).    
  12-October-2005: per Erin's "Official" website, on October 8th something like, "Better late than never ...:"  
  Unfortunately pulled off the internet before I could fully capture either their exact salutation (above) or the captioning associated with the fine contributed photo on the left, we may hope the tardiness and poverty of Erin's message is prophetically recorded in the ballon below: "Not what you wanted?"  And that the site's current absence is permanent.