8/11/07:   On Monday the 13th TCM will be showing 11 Allyson feature films, plus her edition of their Private Screenings.  These include her rarely seen version of "It Happened on Night," here called You Can't Run Away From It (directed by Dick Powell and co-starring Jack Lemon) at midnight Tuesday. At 22 hours, it is probably the longest day of tribute TCM has ever provided her.  For more information, click on "Monday" at

8/11/06:   I hope I was able to expand this site's resources in time to service most of the recent attempted visits (now 6,370), mainly and sadly presumably related to June’s death, and certainly placing us in tears.  It seems also that the folk at findagrave would like to obtain some burial information, as of course would we all.  Perhaps someone privileged to attend her family's invitation-only Ojai program in October would post that information.


This site will continue to publish any TCM birthday programming, and put our Christmas Allyson page up in December.   It is now mirrored at if this url should replace the original, at least temporary redirection will be provided to it from the present GeoCities site. 



12/27/05:  As we switch on this First Sunday in Advent to our traditional Allyson Christmas page, we also notice this morning the 5000th unique visit to AWoT, among 6,377 page hits since March 27, 2002.  Thank you all very much.



10/12/05:  Visitors to the Allyson sites may have lately noticed my prompt but nevertheless seasonally routine announcement on AWoT of her birthday all the week before it.  There was a pop-up replacing the one that usually gave her postal addresses, that told instead which of her films would be shown on TCM then, with a link from each one giving iMDB’s description of it.  On October 7th AWoT delivered a new message, accompanied by TCM’s playback schedule for the day. 


All through this there was not a peep about June’s birthday from Erin’s “Official” site.  A day after June’s birthday “Official” was finally heard from, and two days later “Official” disappeared: as it also did last year at about the same time.   It’s really too bad June’s favorite chroniclers do not notice the annual celebration either of her nativity or theirs.


Eventually the Erins restored their site with a birthday message, which we notice now still there nearly two months later.  I suppose if they never take it down …



6/13/05:  Friends of the First (and 14th) Amendment are invited to visit my latest (AWoT concurrent) website, a 266-Meg chronicle of the birth and death of public access in Tampa Bay, called



2/14/05:  Kick back and enjoy this year’s Valentine’s Day permanent new feature.  The top line at June in Tampa now runs a link to play the very same song that scrolls across the top of the page.  From the soundtrack collection at Main Street Music.  



10/9/04:  Pleased to add one more fine copy of June’s Grauman portrait,

in the Gallery, from Makoto Hatakeyama, celebrating her 87th birthday.



9/8/04:  As returning visitors would have noticed, various graphics which used to work fine seem lately to render incorrectly on some systems – for instance on mine, which in order to do local networking was recently upgraded to Windows 98 SE.  Yesterday I corrected the problem with the icons in my stationary left margin.   However, pages which still depend on a browser’s understanding of scripting to render their artwork (like Christmas & June in Tampa) seem now here sadly out of whack.  Update: Noting AWoT continued to run nicely under IE-5, applied MS’s Explorer 6 updates: all is hunkey-dorey again with the entire Allyson site. 




Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 05:24:24 -0500

Message-ID: <>


Jose Castillo;


From one "Jose" to another, I thank you for your Tuesday 01/13/2004

1:49:37am Guestbook posting to

I hope you had a chance to see (and hear) AWoT's opening Christmas page,

which I just took down Sunday nite.  Thank you also not only for the

visit, but also for the approval - which is hard to come by these days.


As the prologue says in the several references to this site, "Constructed

from the male point of view and cosmopolitan rather than rural, I cannot

promise June will ever see the site, but there is ... ", I have no other

contact with June than the mailing addresses I show in the popup.  But

mainly because of the small but very consistent daily hit count, I do

suspect (never acknowledged) that she knows about, visits, and even

prefers this site to Erin Hays "Official" one. 


What I know of Korea was mainly from the headlines of papers I sold off a

newsstand at State & Grand (Chicago) after school in the 8th grade, and

from M*A*S*H reruns.  "McConnell" was not only a fine flick, but seems to

have had considerable impact on the Powell's domestic life.  I have

browsed your website, and do agree your uncle's life is a story worth

telling.  If you should email the ranch photos, I am sure to find a place

on my site to show them: or I may do it from your site if you make it

easy to link to them.  The links you have provided (in the Guestbook)

will of course remain available. 


Joe Daurril, Tampa (including MacDill AFB)


ps:  Having received the photos, a few days later I created a new section under Contents called “visitors’ photos.”   Major Fernandez’ earlier connection to “McConnell” is described there, which contained a link to Jose’s description of the film.  Toward the end of Contents there was also an icon-link to Pete’s home page. 

I have subsequently reconsidered and discontinued the use of personal links emanating from AWoT: email links, providing at least one level of indirection, are retained.



5/8/03:  I guess I am consigned not to receive further (since 1995) notice, favorable or otherwise, from our site celebrity.  For social purposes I must then leave you all where I came in, and have therefore re-activated the link called joonangels? which you will find if you look around a little …


4/9/03: If one should scroll to the bottom of this section, you may notice there my warning that June might never see this website (offering on 3/26/02 hardly more than a small version of the Jessica-page).  Having grown this website rather extensively, I thought we might all want to know if that dismal prophesy really obtains.  Since actual delivery of anything to her is highly questionable, I have reproduced my unanswered letter here: 


3/13/03; pob 666, Ojai


Dear June;


Hope you've had a chance over now what is nearly a year to check out my pocket alternative to Erin Hay's Official website.  Up since last Easter and coming into 1500 hits for the year, will shortly celebrate its First Anniversary.  Leo Bourret has suggested your affection for it to me, but what would really put a buzz on my effort would be some first-hand critical assessment of it from you.  I do understand your travels may keep you from seeing this note for a while, so in any case I know I might not hear from you too soon. 


Something on my message board would be nice, and/or I am also enclosing a self-addressed.  I only regret my fortunes thus far preclude my seeing you all at the Garland Festivals.  While I otherwise do not have a lot of reason to actually phone you, I do envy the guys (Leo or Gordon) who come away from  those claiming the ability to communicate directly with you or Margaret at the drop of a hat.  


Of course I would happily settle for what I can get even with less advantage.


Best Wishes for the Easter Season,


Joe D, 3/13/2003




April 1st, 2003:  We at

have all been treated to an invitation from 15-year old Davey

to view and join the Yahoo group cited below.  Going there,

we find there is no access to group functions like adding links

or viewing membership.  References particular to June are

(as she would say) “very slight:” a photo from Erin’s home

page and a prominent link to it.  June is also referenced in

Davey’s Yahoo profile: you may check that one for yourself.



From:  Joe Daurril <> 

Date:  Mon Mar 31, 2003  5:40 pm 

Subject:   Allyson Without Tears  


      I believe the appearance of this site on your links list would be a

valuable addition to your advertised inventory.   With regard to

reciprocation, you may have noticed my site is addressed primarily to

the work of June Allyson (with occasionally her late husband), and I

have ventured to your site only because she is your Star of the

Week.  As that appellation clearly has a time limit, I cannot

therefore include a link to a cast of thousands that shortly will not

particularly feature her.  I do truly appreciate the scope of your

effort at Golden Years, and hope you may feel likewise about those of

us who are content to deal with one personality at a time.


Author:  needless to say, I do not seem to have been added to the Allyson entries.




Ides of January, 2003;


Thank you Jean, for your guestbook entry January 1st.  I am also grateful

this month for the good correspondence with Maria and Marian,

and for the encouraging email from Bob Cohoon

and Esther Luttrell .  Not having a church

calendar this year I can only suppose Christmas is over, and therefore

need to retire June’s Xmas splash to the sidelines.  Till at least the next

such Season. 




Sunday, December 29, 2002;


I am pleased to report these replies from my correspondents on Why "Without Tears?;" conversations like these may also be the reason for my website.


Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2002 15:02:44 -0500


Dear Joe,


Thank you for that thorough (and well written!) answer--and for replying

so quickly!!!


To answer YOUR question--I was reading Huxley's BRAVE NEW WORLD, which

is the source of a famous phrase, "Christianity without tears."  I have

an on-going email correnspondence with a man in England who edits books

of quotations, so I mentioned it to him.  He's putting together a

collection of PHRASES -- "more than a word, less than a sentence" --

that are widely used by people who may or may not be aware of a source. 

So I went looking on line.


I found a lot of titles in which "without tears" means WITHOUT GREAT

DIFFICULTY: there are books and tutorials for everything from "Knitting

without tears" to "Greek without tears."


There are also, though fewer, sites that use "without tears" to mean


this second type of use.


I'm going to report to Nigel on what I found.  May I send him your name

and your message as part of the package?








Date: Sat, 28 Dec 2002 19:19:35


Dear Joe


Thank you for your letters, also for including Marian´s reply to you.  It is most interesting and I really appreciated her talking about Huxley`s book ( O Admiravel Mundo Novo- this is the name of the book in portuguese). I am always looking forward to learning more and more so it is a real pleasure for me to be able to exchange ideas and when I have a duty I always ask, so that I learn a bit more. " Christianity without tears", the famous phrase in the book is great as it is "Allyson without tears", but suddenly I started to think about the real meaning of it, and I decided to ask you. So, thanks again.


About the " golfinhos", I thouht you might like the pictures and it was a way of thanking you for writing to me. " Sado" is a river not far from here where one can see dolphins yet.


Also, I would like to wish you a Happy Year 2003.






From: Joe J Daurril <>


Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2002 14:50:54 -0500

Subject: Why "Without Tears?"

Message-ID: <>


My dear Marian (and also Maria);


I have in the last two days received inquiry from each of you as to the

significance of the suffix on my Allyson website, viz ("Without Tears").

Yours are the first (in over 1100 hits) two such questions I have ever

received, and since Marian's was the first (and more conspicuous) I will

speak first briefly to Maria and then at somewhat more length to Marian.


The title is not meant, Maria, to suggest that I have some actual

knowledge of June's death and am here deprecating her or discouraging any

mourning of her eventual shuffling off.  Allyson Without Tears is meant

to reflect my understanding and in fact festive celebration of her life,

and I hope what you find there supports that contention.  I think we

might best measure the intent of a title at the time it was created, and

not how it may be analyzed later out of context.  My site came up around

Easter 2002, and links to photos of June alive and well last October.


The idea for the title, Marian, actually came to me sometime after my

first reading of her co-authored autobiography.  To put it bluntly, I

thought the book was clearly at first written for the ladies, and might

in its entirety send any audience into a severe fit of depression.  That

was not the Allyson I expected, and hope she survives intact behind both

her book and also what is called her Official website.  So Without Tears

is what would have called a re-write of her bio.  The title is not at

first related at all to any particular movie of hers, but may be

interpreted as suggesting the Allyson we might see if she were ever out

from under who or whatever lately manages her life.


Please don't take this as my final declaration on the subject, but enough

for now.  Also, if you have a moment, where did you find "[whatever]

Without Tears," prompting you to search on it?


Joe D.




ala Bourret (11/25/02)


I was truly pleased last weekend to receive Len Bourret's orientation pack to June's web world.  Our website's seem now to reciprocate links to each other, and I am grateful that he has been the conduit according to which I'm told "TEARY-EYED June" LOVES Your WEBSITE!.  (Conduits have not always been that kind to me.)  I might as well mention that while I try not to disturb (aside from graphical style) the content of links I host, my "Author" section is where I do grant myself the privilege of editorializing on what I publish.


I must confess to Len that I am somewhat more critical of the post-Powell mythology than he, particularly where that involves any self-defining Angels.  And while I first encountered June at an age and circumstance when boffing her was pretty much out of the question,  I have noticed reports from fans that now seem to thrill on being on either end of her sexual experiences.  Frankly, I continue myself not much to think about it.  Inbound, let's say, on Calista Flockheart, would be a totally different matter ...





Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 21:16:52 -0000

Subject: [AllysonPowell] Hello!

Message-ID: <>


Well Ginny, there's your message Wed Dec 19, 2001 1:01 AM and then

five days later (around your birthday), its like the West Coast sank

into the Ocean.  I started an Allyson ( + Powell) website about

Easter this year to signify my enthusiasm for them both.  I do wish

Richard had lived longer: would have been better for us and I think

also for "Ella."  My site is at [awot]: please join me there.


Don't mind the strange logon ID: I use any one of a dozen as the

notion grabs me.  Do wish we might all have been together in (Grand Rapids)

this evening to celebrate the Judy Garland fest with June:

maybe next year.


Joe Daurril




Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 09:40

Subject: New and revised graphics (etc);


I do hope you enjoy our new Allyson SAC movie page, added last Thursday. 

In its original configuration it was not displayable from Geocities, so I am employing a new graphics policy already retrofitted to earlier pages.  These are now better scaled to entirely (almost) fit in my main display frame, they download more quickly, and regardless of how much shows they are completely saveable as my copywritten contribution to June’s legacy.


I have added a new “mid-air” pic to the Good News scenario, that I might expand to a small video (along with “After the Show”) in some later edition.  I am also personally quite pleased with how well (I think) the  story line shows in our Strategic Air Command.  I live near MacDill, and local (of course also national) cable shows SAC at  least 4 or 5 times every month - so its hard to miss.  Two years after its release I enlisted in the Air Force, though at the time I felt no particular inspirational connection.  It is also I believe a sad but curious footnote that Dick Powell was directing Temujin ( The Conqueror ) nearly while SAC was in production.


I have removed the guestbook entry pertaining to my 2001 deletion from “Official,” since I lately put it on my site in the first place to complete the sequence of three I did retain.  Among the retained three, the Medea Redux entry for September 16, 2000 now offers redirection to my rendering of “Masters.”  Casual readers might have thought I was currently having some difficulty with “Official,” which as far as I know I am not.   





To: <>

Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 14:58:04 EST

Subject: Re: New June Allyson Website

Message-ID: <>


DO you know of a way to contact her? I would really apprechiate it if you knew how to.

Thank you

ELizabeth Mance


Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 21:24:58 -0500


Yes Elizabeth (Virginia there is a Santa …) I would really appreciate knowing for certain how to do that myself.  Best I can suggest is the POB that provides her autographs, and that is:



PO Box 666

Ojai, CA 93024


We may also hope she will eventually notice the Without Tears website, so going thru its Guestbook might help.  Unfortunately that is the weakest feature of my emerging site:  I know there are already 3 messages there that do not display.  Working on it.


Good Luck to us all, and a Joyful Easter,


Joe Daurril




From: Joe J Daurril <>


Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 22:05:43 -0500

Subject: pocket Allyson


There are probably two "policy" issues that bear on a viewer's ability to save the Without Tears graphics.  The fact is that the images are separate and available, but your browser is not going to offer them to you, and that is its policy.  So my policy first is to keep the images separate to facilitate their development in download, but I cannot cause them once there to be saved outside the aggregate.


The Official Allyson site, which you have visited, is the image warehouse and has gone thru the labor intensive effort of making a large picture and a small picture (for the catalogue) of almost each and every one of several hundred things.  I am not going to compete with that.  What I offer is selection and arrangement, for which I was fortunate enough to receive June's personal written approval on a previous venture.


But it is a nice picture.  And I infer by your use of the singular, that you may have not noticed you (and I) may enjoy others of these by clicking the undimmed entries in Contents.  Not much of a hardship there bro.


Happy Easter,


Joe Daurril




From: "tracey  spence" <>

Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 13:25:07 +0100

Subject: hi


Thankyou for visiting my kathryn Grayson webpage. I am building an Ann miller on called  your website is very good. have you got Junes autograph?


Thankyou Lyndsylee Spence




To: xxxxx@xxx.xx – [removed 2013-05-31]

Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 14:55:56 -0500

Subject: Allyson portrait


Am presently using your Allyson portrait as the signature image in her new unofficial website at (here) as the best such photo I know of.  I suspect of course that this might not but improve your chances of selling it, but am worried that when gone I will lose the link.  So please keep me in mind if you happen to decide to change anything. 


A very solemn and joyous Passover / Easter to you and yours,


Joe Daurril


From: xxxxx@xxx.xx – [removed 2013-05-31]

Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 18:34:45 PST

Subject: Re: Allyson portrait


Thank you for letting me know.









Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 12:07:26 -0500

Subject: New June Allyson Website


A Joyful Easter to you all:


Celebrate an extra small epiphany not available to many other folk this holy holiday:  visit my developing new pocket website focused on June Allyson.  Constructed from the male point of view and cosmopolitan rather than rural, I cannot promise June will ever see the site, but there is no hidden level of communication to it and no censorship based on what I personally might not understand.


See you there,


Joe Daurril